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Manine Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

Manine Sanctuary aka Meta Canine Sanctuary is an NFT collection of 8,888 intelligent canines of the 1st of 5 sets, populating the Ethereum blockchain.

Plenty of Canines came before these Manines, but none possessed the true strength and adaptability to harness the power of the Metaverse.

Join us and let's create a worthy impact in the metaverse with these 1 of the 5 sets of canines in their full 3D form, with impactful tactics and accessories.

Manine Sanctuary will continue to induct 4 other animal sets with unique traits, in to the Sanctuary along its way. Pioneer inductees will be able to get rewards along our journey in to the metaverse as well as being the first to get their hands on Merch, Passive Income Reveals, and much more.

That's not all. As a pioneer, you will be able to pave the direction of this journey too by working closely with the creators.

Adopt a Manine, Be a Manine!


Head Manines

Ahmad J.

Previously working for *VALVE* 🔫 and on *MICROSOFT FLIGHT SMILUATOR* ✈ Games, AJ is an accomplished 3D Character Designer, Rigger and Animation Expert having worked closely on Several Titles. Apart from that he is a lead Architect Designer with environment design experience of 7 years.

Steve M.

Steve has primarily worked in the Visual Effects industry. He is behind the lead work of VFX for Dune as well as several other major Hollywood titles. Steve is also the Project's lead artist with having been the top pick for the industry veterans as the go to person, for the last 10 years and counting.

Malik M.

Having Worked for Deloitte and Amazon Web Services as solutions architect and Network Engineer, Malik has made up his name as the leading architect when it comes to development of network and blockchain-based game mechanics. The client-server architecture is his speciality.


1When will the Minting Start?
The Whitelist pre-sale has ended and the public sale is live now.
2What is the supply?
8,888 Manines will populate the Sanctuary on Ethereum Blockchain.
3How much will they cost?
The Current batch of 2,222 is free to mint. Afterwards, the Public mint price is set at 0.09 ETH.
4When can I list the NFT on OpenSea?
Listing on Opensea is live.
5When will you be public on OpenSea?
We are public on Opensea.